Wednesday, July 04, 2007

2012 Olympic logo: I bet you'll like it in 5 years time

I wonder if William Hill are placing odds on peoples opinions changing towards the London 2012 Olympic logo. I would place my bets on people loving this logo in future and it being revered and looked back upon as iconic of our era.

The logo has been fraught with controversy. Its been called a pigs ear, a wooden spoon, that it resembles a swastika, and just plain horrible. I was pretty surprised when I first saw it and its £400,000.00 (or £800,000.00 depending on what you read) price tag in newsprint. But in black and white newsprint it made no sense. In full colour it slowly made more sense. The magenta is surprising but it makes an impact. Then someone chirps, "oh right, it says 2012 somewhere in there". Can you see it?

Personally, and this is a blog of sweeping opinions of course, I love it. I think its going to be very well received in future, and I take my hat off to Wolff Olins and the committee for choosing something new. The young sports stars and kids of 2012 will probably love it, and by then, you might too. I don’t think this logo was designed with the old and wise in mind, I think it was designed with wild imagination and youthful abandon. Consider the brief the designers might have received a year ago in their job bag: Design us a logo that we can use 6 years in the future. A challenging brief by anyones standards.

I also found the Olympics archive. The archive is a great resource of historical information, including all the logos. And the 2012 logo is definitely breaking the mould. But by then maybe all logos will look like this and not like this. In reaction to all the negative opinions to the logo Michael Wolff says, "Prejudice is comfortable and lazy."

I hope they don’t bend to public pressure and change it.

This is quite entertaining:
and this:


David said...

It's a picture of a man with a huge afro on his knees giving oral relief to a skinny bloke leaning backwards.

Personally I prefer the goatse submission that made it onto BBC news before someone realised what it was.

Rogan Ward said...

I know that logo's grow on me in time and I want to like this one as it reminds me of one of my first stickers which I copied (badly) onto just about every school book I owned in the 80's. The old Gotcha logo.

So is it retro? Do I like it? I am indifferent I think