Thursday, June 28, 2007

Offline and naked

I would like to elaborate on my post from last month Enter Web 3.0 by using a real-world scenario of identity revealed.

Imagine that you had fought to keep your identity secret for years. That your livelihood depended upon it. That your work's popularity was fueled, partly, by the fact that you did great things under peoples noses and got away with it. Scott free.

We run a small design studio and love original work. When I was in London about two years ago I stumbled upon an original Banksy. Here's a graffiti artist who is an artist, a real 21st century guerrilla artist that works hard and has amazing insight and humour. Yet he is anonymous. Or so you thought. When I find my London pictures I took I will post it here, but until then, let me just post this, a link to the artist himself. The man who recently sold some of his work for a pretty packet after a few modest, brilliant and entertaining publications of thought provoking brilliance. Personally I'm a bit disappointed if it is him, because I kind of expected him to be holding a banana.

It makes me wonder if there are any real graffiti artists using facebook, at all.

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David said...

I was working at the British Museum when Banksy infiltrated us and left his wonderful Caveman + Shopping Trolley work. That's how I became aware of him. Thankfully the BM staff recognise his work for what it is, and it's now a part of the BM's permanent collection.

If your livelihood depends on anonymity, surely posting in a public forum under your real name is just dumb?