Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The greatest magic trick in the world

Ok, so this is a shameless test of how a headline can affect the visibility of a post, I admit it. I do know a good card trick or two. They are just better in person.

Saafi Brothers
gets my vote today for their Mystic Cigarettes album.

The superweed gets my vote for being shot in time lapse and being brought to the worlds attention on the bbc website. What a famous weed! Respect. But hold on someone hooked up a plant so that it could make its own blog posts. That's so ridiculously green.

The little robot that can ride a uni-cycle gets my vote for US president. Come on, everyone thinks Barack is better than McCain, but have you seen Barack without his teleprompter?

And lastly - this is a an amazing picture from today's web-surfing.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Throwing yourself off a cliff for guts and glory

Im afraid this blog has been a bit off piste recently. Usually I blog about technology or design, or throw up some cool links, but today its all about bikes and the insanity of freeride.

This is the biggest canyon jump I have ever seen. This would make Evel Knievel proud, because this is like turbo charging the stakes, cloning the legend, making him compete for best trick against himself, and distributing the results on dvd and blu-ray. This is Red Bull Rampage.

On the weekend I took my 10 year old nephew for a ride in Tokai. Shamefully I tried to show off a bit, pulling a few wheelies and taking a few jumps. He knows whats out there, I must have looked a fool.