Friday, September 21, 2007

The moon is mine

Do you know about this? Its a plan to mine the moon for the isotope called Helium 3. Its seems so far fetched, but then I have to remind myself that we are almost 8 years into the 21st century. A time when people predicted we would all be flying around in spaceships, living in near orbit.

But it still comes as a surprise. We are going to mine the moon. Its not even a case of if, just a case of how and when. Which brings me to this. I thought it was cool when I read that Google was to offer a $30 million prize for the first rover on the moon before 2012. But then a friend told me about this. It seems there is a shed load of the isotope on our lunar neighbour. I don't believe it, but rumour has it that 1 shuttle payload could power the USA for a year.

Oh, yes, sorry I jumped forward a bit, this is all related to the successful development of a nuclear fission reactor. I'm sure you have read about that, they started building it in the south of France, two years ago. Its an international research project by ITER. It hasn't been achieved yet but the plan is to burn the good stuff in the reactor at a temperature hotter than our sun. So now, the pieces of the puzzle are all starting to fit.

One of the biggest nuclear research projects for a new fuel for the planet, the abundant moon, and Google, just to incentivise the space race. Perfect.

When will they be putting their logo on the side of NASA's space ships do you think? Oh, no sorry, I think that's Pizza Hut's idea.

Welcome to the 21st century I say.

Monday, September 10, 2007

searching in the real world

This is so 21st century, and I really hope that they find Steve Fossett soon, whether they use Google Earth to do so or not.

Its interesting that the search needs to acquire up to date images for any sort of search to viable using Google Earth. And it makes you wonder how much of the data is live, and what is restricted. I thought I'd take a look at Baghdad one day, or hey what about the Afghanistan mountain range, maybe someone sitting in their living room in Pofadder could find Bin Laden.

Its a funny thing having this mix of amazing technology at your finger tips, with some of the letters in the alphabet kind of missing.

And its only going to get worse from the sounds of it.