Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soccer balls and bicycles

2010. Apparently there are 58 days to go until the Soccer World Cup starts - bring it on!

It's quite amazing. We are only half way through the 4th month of the year and already we are opening our 50th job bag. Ok, I'm dramatising a bit because half of those jobs are done in a day, but still, it's a great indicator of how the studio and sploosh is performing.

You may have read about the events of 2009 in this post, or maybe you missed it. This year has been eventful to say the least. We faught for one of our biggest clients, and we came out on top. We will also launch the Canadian brand, Straitline, any day now. We dropped Rushsports into the e-commerce sector in South Africa last week, and POD the boutique hotel opens in Camps Bay at the end of this month.

What's on the desktop you say?
We are working on and launching one of the most exciting jewellery brands in South Africa in the next few weeks. We have also picked up a new and exclusive travel company, and are redeveloping their website, communication and online marketing strategy.

Our Backyard
It's funny when you know a brand so well that it lives in your veins day in and day out. You feel a part of it, you know how it thinks and how it reacts. Most importantly you know what other people think of it.

Sorry for being a bit obtuse. But it's for good reason. I don't wish to give the game away too early in the process. But lets just say that I am extremely pleased to be able to work on the biggest rebranding project we have ever tackled.

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