Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On the plane, train, bus, and ferry to Eurobike, again.

I'm passing through the picture perfect country-side of Switzerland on a train which is bound for Konstanz. I'm heading to Eurobike for the 3rd year running to meet with 2 of our clients in the small town of Friedrichshafen. Not much else happens in this town during the rest of the year. Maybe a little bit of wine making or a bit of yacht sailing. But wherever you look people are riding bikes. I counted about 100 people riding bikes on the cycle paths, all on a 10 minute bus journey.

Eurobike is the biggest cycle expo in the world. It is where all the major and minor brands showcase their latest product and it is the preview for all 2010 product. The cycle industry has this clever way of driving consumerism by announcing 2010 product in 2009. It's also a great time to find a deal at your local bike shop as they clear stock for the next season of product.

This year I'm going to research the small mountain bike manufacturers. I'm looking to find the small guys that are hungry to make their mark with quality products. I'll be looking for the ugliest bike, and the most beautiful bike, and I'll keep you posted on Flickr. From what I can see there is a huge increase in fixie bikes. Watch this guy rip it up on his first day out on a fixed gear bike.

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