Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're rolling like thunder (and we won our pitch!)

We have just been told that we won our pitch for new business. As you can imagine there was some loopin' and a woopin' going on in the studio at about 3pm when we got the news.

Im normally against pitches. I think that an agency should be appointed for its design skills and reputation. But when I met the client and received the brief, it sparked something inside me, and I decided to take the risk. We love design, technology and those things called brands. So its great when you get a chance to be involved with their inception.

A good friend and brilliant designer once said to me, "If you're going to pitch, just make sure you get it."

You cant be sure if you will win a pitch, or how the final decision will be made, but if you take part in one, you might as well knock it out the park.

This is the third time we have ever pitched on new business. I suppose if you apply the law of averages, luck, and that thing called elbow grease it was only a matter of time. Maybe it was also on brief, and just what they were looking for.

Well done to the guys in the studio. Special thanks to Tanya for being our lucky charm and clicker.

Keep a look out on our portfolio site for the logo that will be launching a new boutique hotel brand in Cape Town.
(This is not the logo, its just one of the doodles during the process of developing the final one.)

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