Friday, September 05, 2008

Do you have a business card?

What do you do when your supplier doesn't deliver the stuff you requested before a trade show?

The one thing you really need at a trade show is business cards. When you're a designer you need business cards that are cool.

This is a sheet of stickers. The plan was to pull them off and stick them to my plain white cards.

I emailed a regular supplier some artwork for printing and asked for a cost. The correspondence went something like this.

Please see the attached artwork. I'd like these printed on A4. What would it cost per page?
Hello, R30 + vat per A4
Can I have 5 copies by 12 tomorrow?
you can pick up at 2pm

Literally, those were his last words. Now, I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty conclusive to me. When I arrived at about 3pm on my way to the airport, he looked at me as if I was mad, and said "You didn't mail me back so I didn't do em."

Anyway I don't have the stickers that I wanted to stick to my plain white cards, so I'm drawing pictures on them.


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