Monday, June 18, 2007

Is Apple the new Microsoft?

Apple breathed some new fire into the browser wars last week by announcing that they have ported Safari for XP and Vista.

It's our business to know about internet browsers and all their versions so that our clients websites are tested and perform properly on popular versions, so naturally we downloaded Safari immediately.

Our version is unusable on XP and we quickly closed it. Our illusion that Apple releases bug free software not dented, but almost entirely shattered. The browser behaves erratically, and even sports a bug button. Ew. Ironically just clicking the button causes the browser to crash. On our testing computer none of the menu's items are visible.

Apple has claimed that there were 1 million downloads of Safari in two days. What a disappointment and bad introduction for the company that's going to be.

So Apple launched a browser for the PC, but at this point, does anyone care?

The response has been quick and slating.

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